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Religious Studies

Curriculum Team Leader

Mrs L Corcoran -


Key Stage 3

The emphasis of the department is on teaching Religious Studies as an academic subject and a high standard of work is expected from pupils. We aim to engender a spirit of enquiry and interest in our pupils rather than fostering any particular religious standpoint.

A considerable amount of teaching time is given to learning about world faiths although we place a greater emphasis upon the teaching of Christianity as religious tradition in Great Britain.

The department seeks to deliver the teaching of Religious Studies within an environment of inclusive, mutual respect for all viewpoints and objectivity. The subject is made accessible to students of all backgrounds and abilities.

We hope upon leaving us our pupils may be considered religiously educated. This will mean that they have a sound knowledge of religion and an understanding of religious practice and beliefs. They will have begun to recognise the spiritual dimension of life and will probably be seeking answers to fundamental questions of life.

Year 7 Topics

  • Creation Stories
  • Festivals
  • Founders and Leaders
  • The Life of Jesus
  • Coming of Age

Year 8 Topics

  • Modern Leaders
  • Hinduism
  • Religion vs Science
  • Philosophy for Children
  • Sources of Authority

Key Stage 4

GCSE Religious Studies

Students start a 2 year course of study in Year 9 with examinations at the end of year 10.

GCSE Religious Studies Specification


Post 16

A-Level Philosophy

A-Level Philosophy Specification

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