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Curriculum Team Leader

Mrs C Thomas-Smith -


Key Stage 4

GCSE Psychology

Students follow a linear course over 1 year with 2 written papers.They will be expected to draw on knowledge and understanding of the entire course of study to show a deeper understanding. Content ranges from memory, development, social influence and psychological problems.

High achieving students are introduced to a range of challenging concepts beyond the confines of the specification to develop their critical thinking and problem solving skills and to give them an insight in to Psychology at a broader level, including is eyewitness testimony reliable?

GCSE Psychology Specification



A-Level Psychology

This specification has been designed so that candidates will acquire the essential knowledge and understanding of psychological thoughts and methods, together with the application of a range of skills. Psychology at Allerton High is a popular course and is a subject that gives a detailed insight into the human mind and explains how and why people behave how they do. There are a number of reasons to choose psychology as an A-Level, it is exciting, challenging and useful in many areas as it has applications to the real world, ranging from stress, depression, obedience and conformity.

Former students say that it is an extremely interesting, challenging and enjoyable subject to study. They also emphasise that despite being fun, there is a lot to learn and the subject requires commitment and hard work.

By studying psychology using scientific methodology, students gain a broad skill set that prepares them for Higher Education or a wide range of potential careers.

A-Level Psychology Specification

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