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PSE offers students the chance to gain practical knowledge and skills to help them live healthily and deal with spiritual, moral, social and cultural issues they face as they approach adulthood. PSE gives students the opportunity to reflect on their experiences and how they are developing.

Course Content

In line with the new curriculum we now have two programmes of study for PSE. The personal wellbeing strand of PSE education in the school aims to help our students embrace change, feel positive about who they are and enjoy healthy, safe, responsible and fulfilled lives. Through active learning opportunities pupils recognise and manage risk taking increasing responsibility for themselves, their choices and behaviours and make positive contributions to their families, schools and communities. As they explore similarities and differences between people and discuss social and moral dilemmas, they learn to deal with challenges and accommodate diversity in all its forms. They identify and articulate feelings and emotions as well as learn to manage new or difficult situations positively and form and maintain effective relationships with a wide range of people. Personal wellbeing makes a major contribution to the promotion of our students’ personal development.

The economic wellbeing strand of PSE aims to equip our students with the knowledge, skills and attributes needed to make the most of changing opportunities in learning and work. It expands their horizons for action by challenging stereotyping, discrimination and other cultural and social barriers to choice. It helps students to aim high. Students visit a range of financial capability issues and how this can facet their wellbeing. Students build a positive and realistic view of their needs and capabilities so that they can make effective learning plans, decisions and transitions. They become aware of changing career opportunities and develop the knowledge and skills to make informed decisions about which learning programmes to take.

During the carousel units of work in Year 10, all students will take part in financial capability lessons. This entails looking at the personal finance encounters, money management solutions and personal financial management.


There are a number of visitors who come into school throughout Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 PSE lessons. There is also a Health Fair, where students experience a range of ‘stalls’ where information is given to them by professional from industry about different types of health; sexual, stress management, diet, etc.

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