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Curriculum Team Leader

Mr T Henson -


Key Stage 3

Year 7

Students will cover a wide range of CT based units that will be the foundation for future progression on to more Computer Science focused units in later years. Units of work will include; induction and e-mail, e-safety, word processing, desktop publishing, presentations, introductino to graphics and spreadsheets.

Year 8

In addition to some ICT based units through the use of integrated assignments, students will also cover coding units involving the use of HTML coding for web page design, object oriented coding using Scratch and Kodu and text based coding using Python.


Key Stage 4

Year 9 - Gateway to Computer Science

This course will provide students with opportunities to experience a range of GCSE Computing activities. Whilst undertaking a mixture of practical and theory work students will

  • Learn how computors work and how they communicate with each other
  • Learn the basic functions of different hardware and software and how they interact with others in order for IT systems and networks to operate effectively
  • Take a more in-depth look at programming languages and coding


Year 9 - Gateway to ICT

This course will provide students with the opportunity to learn how to use various pieces of softwatr from graphics and animation to video and web authoring in order to create a wide range of functional ICT products for set requirements. Students will also learn how ICT components work and how they are used in the world around us


GCSE Computer Science

GCSE Computer Science is a mixture of hands on practical and theory based work with a significant emphasis on Computer Scince theory, programming skills and computational thinking (problem solving). Looking at the behind the scenes of computers and computer systems.



Post 16

Cambridge Technical Level 3 ICT

This qualification is designed for those who want to continue their education through applied learning by developing their knowledge base and understanding of the principles of IT and global information systems. It is designed to be taken alongside other qualifications (such as Level 3 vocational subjects in Business, Digital Media and/or A Level English or Mathematics) primarily to support the main subjects


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