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Curriculum Team Leader

Ms F Sweeney -


Key Stage 3

Students will explore a range of topics to improve their knowledge and understanding of chronology, similarity and difference, cause and consequence, significance and change over time. They will also develop historical skills by looking at different interpretations of the past, evaluating them and making judgement on them, as well as evaluating evidence from the past.


Year 7

Students are introduced to these skills using the Roman empire and they develop them through a study of the Medieval period and a look at the Tudor monarchs as well as the English civil war.


Year 8

Students continue to widen their knowledge of the world through a study of how the UK became a United Kingdom and how it developed through an industrial revolution, ending with its involvement in the two world wars. We also look at the role of slavery in the British empire and the impact of the French Revolution.


Key Stage 4

Year 9

The Gateways to Humanities is run in conjunction with the Geography Department to help prepare students for GCSE History by developing their skills and knowledge. We look at a number of different topics including an in depth look at the Holocaust, the Russian Revolution and an investigation of ‘who killed JFK?’.


GCSE History

After Christmas, students start the GCSE course by looking at medieval medicine, a part of the Britain and Health unit. After this we study the Restoration or the Norman period in depth, particularly focusing on a named historical environment, which will change every year.  In y11 we will look at America 1920-1973, following this up with a study of attempts at keeping peace after WW1 and the development of WW2.

GCSE History Specification


Post 16

A Level History

This involves a two -year study of the Tudors, from Henry VII to Elizabeth I, and a two-year study of Germany from the Weimar Government post WW1 to Hitler’s Germany, until the end of WW2.

Students must also produce an Historical Investigation based on a 100-year study of Russia, from 1855 to 1953. This is a 3000-word essay that is done independently in Y13 and is marked internally by staff before being submitted to the exam board.

A-Level History Specification



In order to support the curriculum we have run a number of visits to various locations including the Royal Armouries, York Dungeon and Castle Museum, Eden Camp, London, Krakow and WW1 battlefield sites in France and Belgium

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