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Homework & Useful Links

Below are the Homework Takeaway menus; year plans and recommended reads for Year 7 and Year 8 English

KS3 Recommended Reading

KS3 Progress Log Landscape

Takeaway Menus

Year 7

1 - Different Cultures

2 - Dickens

3 - Adventure

4 - Macbeth

5 - Media

6 - Poetry

Year 8

1 - Dystopian

2 - Bronte

3 - Journalism

4 - Merchant of Venice

5 - Journey's End

6 - Poetry


English Language & Literature

Curriculum Team Leader

Mrs N Whitehurst -


Key Stage 3

Throughout years 7 and 8 students are introduced to topics and ways of working that will support the development of skills that are essential in both English Language and Literature. They will study various classical literature from Shakespear to the Bronte Sisters, literature from different cultures, various styles of poetry and contemporary literature and the various forms this can take.


Key Stage 4

GCSE English Language and Literature

In Year 9, 10 and 11, the majority of students will study English Literature as well as English Language. The teaching of these two subjects are combined through the majority of Key Stage 4 through the study of the set texts for both.

GCSE English Lang Specification

GCSE English Lit Specification


Post 16

A-Level English Language

A-Level English Lang Specification


A-Level English Literature

A-Level English Lit Specification


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