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Design & Technology

Curriculum Team Leader

Mrs S Kirby -


Key Stage 3

During Years 7 and 8 students will complete a series of projects in Food & Nutrition, Textiles, Resistant Materials, Graphic Design & Computer Aided Design and Manufacture where they focus on developing confidence and skills in a wide variety of practical projects. In each project there will also be a focus on developing understanding the following key areas of design:

  • Understanding User and Client Needs
  • Research
  • Product Analysis
  • Design Specification
  • Modelling
  • Evaluation

Key Stage 4

Year 9 - Gateway to Resistant Materials

This course has been developed to prepare students for the new GCSE Design and Technology course. It is a practical and creative course with a focus on developing students theory and practical skills of working in a wide variety of materials including wood, metal and plastic. Students will learn how to solve real problems by designing and making product or systems. They will also become aware of, and learn from, wider influences on design and technology, including historical, social/cultural, environmental and economic factors


Year 9 - Gateway to Textiles

This course has been developed to prepare students for GCSE Art Textiles. The course is creative and provides students with the opportunity of learning how to analyse the work of current artists and designers in order to create individual responses in fabric, learning sewing, construction and fabric decorative and enhancement techniques.


Year 9 - Gateway to Food & Nutrition

This course has been developed to prepare students for both GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition along with Level1/2 Hospitality and Catering.  It is  a practical and creative course and will provide students with the practical skills and nutritional knowledge not only for working at GCSE level but also to ensure they can prepare healthy and nutritious meals for themselves.


GCSE Design and Technology: Product Design

Through studying Design and Technology will be encouraged to work creatively in order to fulfil a design brief. They will need to apply the technical and practical skills that have been developed throughout Key Stage 3 and Year 9

GCSE Product Design Specification


Level 1/2: Hospitality and Catering

This Level 1/2 award  gives students an overview of the hospitality & catering industry. It also teaches students about health and nutrition.

Hospitality & Catering Specification


GCSE Art and Design: Textiles

Building on skills learnt throughout Year 7, 8 & 9 students will explore various textile materials and styles in order to produce a portfolio and final product.

GCSE Textiles Specification



Post 16

A-Level Art and Design: Three-Dimensional Design

Students will have the opportunity to work in different three-dimensional areas including sculpture and product design in order to produce practical and critical/contextual work.

A-Level 3D Design Specification


A-Level Art and Design: Textiles

Students will have the opportunity to work in various textile materials in areas of study ranging from catwalk fashion to wallpaper design. They will be expected to produce practical and critical/contextual work.

A-Level Textiles Specification

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