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Careers & Work Experience

Careers Leader: Andy Haigh

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Careers Coordinator: Iram Ahmed

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Our careers education and guidance programme helps to develop students' awareness of their skills, talents and interests to enable them to make informed choices about their future.

Speakers on a variety of career sectors:

Throughout the year students get the opportunity to listen to invited speakers on a variety of career sectors relating to subject areas.  These take place during lunchtime sessions as well as planned lessons.   

What help is on offer to all our students

·         Vocational Guidance

·         Career choice

·         Career planning

·         Managing career change

·         Employability Skills

·         Job search

·         Writing or updating your CV

·         Completing job applications

·         Preparing for job interviews

·         Finding part time employment to complement your studies

·         Education

·         Planning the next stage of your studies

·         Choosing and applying for Further Education and Higher Education (University)

·         Exploring study abroad

·         Information on Volunteering, work experience and Gap year opportunities

·         Exploring volunteering opportunities

·         Finding independent work experience opportunities

·         Sign posting to other agencies that help with a range of issues such as:

·         funding

·         health

·         counselling

·         housing etc.....

In school, we work closely with the PSE department to deliver the careers curriculum to students in the different year groups.

Years 7 & 8 students explore their skills and qualities and how these could help them in their chosen careers.

Year 8 students get Options choices booklets and we are at hand to help them with their subject choices and how it will affect their future career aims. They also explore the world of work looking at skills, qualities within different careers.

Year 9 students get a chance to use careers software called JED (Job Exploration database) where they can complete a quiz to help identify their strengths, interests, qualities and related careers.  If they need help with options, we are here to support and give guidance.

Year 10 students develop their ideas and research further their career options by using Leedspathways and other websites.

Year 11 guidance programme focuses on enhancing study skills and helping each student to fulfil their potential. Talks, seminars, personal counselling and interviews are available for all our students. They are ready to make decisions about the next stage of their studies and are supported to apply to 6th form, college or an apprenticeship using UCAS Progress website.

Years 12 & 13 students are supported by experienced staff and can make appointments to see the careers staff if they need to discuss and find out about other opportunities e.g. apprenticeships, training opportunities etc.  They also undertake work experience in Yr12 and have a variety of speakers from Universities and Employers to make them aware of their choices.

Assessing Impact and Reviewing the Careers Programme.

We use student and parent/carer surveys as well as government destinations data to assess the impact of the careers programme and make changes ready for the new academic year which starts in the third week of June.

YR12 Work Experience 2018-19

Students will be going on work experience from 24 June – 28 June 2019

We expect all students to arrange their own work experience in their desired sector.

The deadline for getting work experience organised is 15 February 2019, so we can get appropriate procedures in place for the placement to go ahead in June.

We encourage students to start contacting businesses/employers early to avoid disappointments later.

Mrs Ahmed the Careers/Work experience Coordinator will help with any queries students may have.  Working Days: Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.


 Useful Careers websites for students    This website has hundreds of job profiles and general information about finding work, CVs and interviews     Careers advice for parents  This website enables Yr11 students to apply online for further education courses   This website has important information for young people in Leeds about courses, jobs, CVs and apprenticeships. Look at different career sectors explore your options and do a quiz to see what careers you may be suited to  University courses information This is a website for finding jobs  Apprenticeship opportunities Alternatives to going to university including apprenticeships, training and job opportunities.

Going to University

A large number of our students go on to universities and staff are there to help and support this process.  It is important that students research the courses and universities that they are applying to, so that they are able to make informed decisions.

Questions to consider

On choosing courses

  • What do I want to study?

  • Do I want a vocational course that will train me for a profession e.g. Radiography or do I want to study a subject I really enjoy e.g. Physics and specialise later on?

  • Should I study a completely new subject?

  • Can I combine subjects?

  • How do I want my course to be assessed - modular, coursework, exams?

  • Do I have the required entry grades for what I want to study?

  • Where can I study this course?

    On choosing the right University

  • Does the University offer the courses I want to study?

  • What’s its reputation like? League table ratings?

  • How competitive is it to get a place – entry requirements?

  • How much teaching support and time can it offer me?

  • What are its teaching facilities, ICT resources like?

  • How far away from home do I want to be?

  • Do I want to live in a main city or more rural location?

  • Do I want to be at a large city centre university or on a Campus?

  • What are the costs – fees, accommodation, cost of living?

  • Does it offer a range of clubs and societies?

  • What’s the social scene like?

    There are over 50,000 courses available at 310 institutions so students need to do some serious research to ensure they find the right course for them.

    Students should see Individual University websites and on line prospectuses but in addition the following websites are really useful: This is the official site for all UK universities and colleges offering Higher Education courses and the key one you will use to research universities and courses. You will apply online to universities via UCAS apply. This site has links to all university websites To search review and compare subjects and universities Student to student guide – what its really like at HE Details of all University and College open days A comprehensive University search site Offers advice on choosing courses and league tables An independent guide to universities You can order university prospectuses through this website Comprehensive information on universities and find courses that may be best suited to you offers over 30,000 courses from hundreds of institutes. University Compare is one of the leading Higher Education comparisons sites and was referenced by Sky News as the place to go to when deciding on a university and/or course, and the best part is, it is completely FREE! They allow students to compare their favourite universities based on student reviews, THE and Guardian rankings, male to female ratio and even tuition and accommodation cost. We're devoted to helping students make better informed decision when looking at Higher Education.


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